Brand story

Costa-  son of economist and financial adviser from St.Petersburg (Russia), following call of his heart, tried many ways:education in Marine College, taxi driver, University degree in Psychology, Casino manager, wandering-undercover-hippie in India, finally gemstone dealer and jewelry designer.


While traveling in India, he met indian yoga master and philosopher Ram who became his guru and friend - this meeting has changed his life once more, along with Yoga he learned to trust one’s destiny and believe in one’s own limitless potentials.

 “Dealing with gemstones is the Way of life, it can not be just a job,  there must be complete involvement, devotion, passion for beauty and ability to take  very quick and risky decisions.” -says Costa.

Being in business from 1997, Costa has developed close connections with jewelers and gemstone dealers all over the world.

He is personally selecting and buying gemstones and in charge of manufacturing units. 


Alla -  Costa’s spouse and partner in business, by the time of their meeting in 2007 she just finished her education in finances, changed her plans of career for an opportunity to build up jewelry brand. She takes care of your orders and accounts of the company.


Tatiana-  Costa’s mother, economist and accountant with over 30 years of practical experience, joined The Company after retirement in 2006 finding new way of life in the world of jewelry. She is leading sales manager and specializes in presentations and legal side of the business.


Andrew-  the son of a theatre artist and a costume designer who, by that time, had several careers, from performing musician to being a moving spirit of a financial company. After meeting Costa on Christmas eve 2011 in Amsterdam, Andrew took his time to realize where his heart belongs: jewelry, driven by the artistic roots of the family, the irresistible desire to create, and a fascination with jewelry since his early years. He is artistic heart of our brand.


Ludmila-  born in Estonia, University graduated gemologist ,with priceless for us experience in gemstones certification, joined The Company in 2003. She has taken great part in developing manufacturing units in India.


Joining our experiences and skills we are instantly working on creating our gems and jewels collections, developing new technics of cutting stones and making jewelry along with rediscovering old ones.