Unusual, unexpected, extravagant.


Expression of emotions and self expression, delicacy and fragile fragrance of romance,bravery to be yourself. Learning from the artists of the past and contributing our own humble part to it.


In SILVER JEWELRY, that’s our main specialty, we love simplicity – just a beautiful, well cut, stone in a simple mount, well set, polished and with best rhodium on it to make our customers happy for life. We love large semi-precious stones that simply speak for themselves.


Great thanks to Indian masters- there is no other place on Earth where those quality hand works   could be made for the reasonable costs.


We love VICTORIAN STYLE – combination of gold, silver and old cut diamonds, unique settings of that time. Old Dutch and British schools were our gurus in this way.


We deeply admire mastership of DECO jewelry – the hardest nut and greatest challenge for and artist. We have to be thankful to Argentinian masters for preserving this skills – most challenging platinum pieces we make there.




Daring to be yourself, following your own exclusive identity, far from quickly fading fashion and synthetic jewelry culture of the present times.


Only real things for real people. Be proudly different and express it, let others know your refined taste and delicacy.


Our things represent very traditional but at the same time immortal values of beauty, stylish unique individuality and passion for natural things.




RAM - in life simple villager from India, who was selling gems and jewelry to tourists, was our first guru. He knew little of stones and a lot about human nature and spirit. Great philosopher and adventurer, brave and loving man, father of 7 children. Without him that project would not be possible.


TONY  – our dear friend, jewelry trader from Birmingham, who could recognize in us  greater potential that we could at the time, instantly helping us with his precious advise and concern. Father of 3 kids, simply Good Man in the deepest meaning have that world, he was always an example for us of how to fairly and responsibly deal in jewelry trade. Without his expertise this project would never be what it is.


LEONOR  - jeweler from Amsterdam, truly passionate designer who introduced us in the world of deco jewelry and inspired us to always go for the highest challenge.  Her delicate taste and appreciation for the old times craftsmanship, finding genius solutions to the most difficult tasks in the process of jewelry creation. 


We deeply thank our  DEAR CUSTOMERS for appreciation of our work that allowed us to continue this trip and grow. We thank those who worked very hard and long to create this on-line project.


Special gratitude to  TATIANA OYNUS –inspired by our mission photographer , who made those wonderful images  you can see on the site.


We thank ALL WHO EVER WORKED in our team and those who continue to do so for giving the most precious of all on earth – their time, attention and passion.