Gold and silver are beautiful materials, they require attention and skill, we make our jewelry from solid 925 silver and 585 gold. We also successfully combine in the same piece of jewelry those metals to make our jewelry strong, wearable and allow us to deliver much greater value for the lesser costs. We let gemstones tell their story helping them to find the way to your heart.




We instantly learn from our customers what they love to have in their collections. They are people with developed taste for handmade jewelry with character and it’s not easy to satisfy them .Our goal is to take this challenge.


Production, Logistics, Certification


Our business processes is organized in a multi-national manner, without being tied to any particular country.


 Our jewelers are in England, Estonia, Argentina, India, and Hong Kong.


 Our production works on the principles of free cooperation. We consider that, in today’s world, this is an optimal form of conducting the whole process.


Our logistics and certification are carried out in the Baltic region - Estonia,  country where legal procedures are most quick, effective and pleasant on Earth. 



Most of our items are certified in Estonia. At your request we can arrange certification of any item you wish from the State Assay Chamber of Estonia, and provide it in an electronic format on the official website of the Estonian Assay Office. 




We consider our mobility to be a great advantage. We love to travel. This gives us the privilege of working without middlemen in many parts of the world at the same time.

We directly purchase gems from markets in Jaipur, find small diamonds in Bombay, larger ones in Antwerp, Amsterdam, and London.

We buy gold and silver at market prices and gems of first quality in the secondary markets of the United Kingdom with a fantastic discounts.

The SOPHY GEMS team includes experienced buyers, as well as excellent gemologists. It is our primary area of expertise.