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This is a unique crystal grown from silicon carbide(SiC), which surpasses all other gemstones in brilliance and sparkle. Natural moissanite is an extremely rare crystal. It is thousand times rarer and more expensive than a diamond. That does not allow using it in jewellery. But thanks to modern technology it has become more affordable.

Is moissanite an imitation of a diamond?

No. Moissanite is an independent gemstone with its own chemical, optical and ethical qualities. It is really superior to the diamond for the most important indicators. This is a new gemstone with exceptional properties exceeding those of a diamond

Why is moissanite much cheaper than a diamond, while it still surpasses the latter one in basic characteristics?

That is because scientists were able to reproduce it one to one with natural moissanite using a complex laboratory method, which is cheaper than diamond mining. At the same time, world prices for diamonds are deliberately inflated. Diamond is a natural mineral and its value was artificially inflated by mining and jewellery giant corporations in order to create the most expensive gemstone in the world in people minds. Well, they succeeded in that!


They are grown using unique thermal technology in special laboratory conditions at very high pressure and very high temperature. Sophygems moissanites are manufactured from raw materials of the latest generation and they do not have fluorescence, so they look crystal clear and bright in any conditions
Moissanite is extremely resistant to scratches, scuffs, chips and destruction. In terms of durability it rates (9.25) on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and surpasses all other gemstones, closely approaching to the rating of a diamond (10.0)

How perfect is the cut of your moissanite?

Our moissanites are faceted with precise angles and proportions that are used for diamonds cutting

Can moissanite luster disappear or fade over time?

No. Due to its chemical and optical qualities, moissanite will always be equally bright. The dispersion of moissanite is 0.104 and exceeds the dispersion of diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. We give a lifetime warranty on our moissanites, and with that we guarantee the brightness of our gemstones for ages

Can moissanite change its color over time or under the influence of temperature?

No. Temporary changes in color can occur only under strong heating over an open fire. In all other respects, moissanite can withstand temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius.

How to distinguish moissanite from a diamond?

Moissanite is difficult to distinguish from a diamond with the naked eye. That’s so difficult that professional jewelers make mistakes
There are 3 methods:
- the use of a special electrical conductivity meter (it is available in gemological laboratories);
- determination of the double boundaries of the reflected facets during observation with an increase at an angle to the site;
- distinction of the needle inclusions, which are perpendicular to the site and can be noticed only at very high magnification

Are there any extraneous inclusions in moissanite like in most diamonds?

There are only the smallest needle-like inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye and do not affect the optical qualities of moissanite. Inclusions from highly visible to subtle and invisible are present in any gemstones, and that may greatly affect the price

Is it possible to break the moissanite?

No, that is practically impossible due to the superior hardness of moissanite. In terms of fragility, the moissanite is more reliable than any diamond thru the uniqueness of the crystal lattice structure.

Do you protect your moissanites against counterfeiting and how to distinguish them one from another?

Yes we do. We put a laser Sophygems logo on the girdle of our moissanites. You can see that using any magnifying glass

Can moissanite set in my jewelry be used for other new jewelry in the future?

Yes, a professional jeweler will do that without any problems

Why do you sell moissanites by size rather than carat weight like diamonds?

Carat is a traditional unit of measurement for precious stones. Moissanite is slightly lighter than a diamond. A 6.5 mm round diamond weighs 1 carat, while a 6.5 mm round moissanite weighs 0.88 carats, wherein both of them are equal in diameter.

How to care for moissanite?

Caring for moissanite can be exactly the same as for any other jewellery. Although when using ultrasonic baths, refrain from putting them together with other jewellery, since moissanite, due to its hardness, can scratch other jewellery.

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